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Ternopil 2 Ternopil Ternopil Ternopolformer Tarnopol, is a city and administrative center of Ternopil oblast region of Western Ukraine.

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In Ukraine people language the city name is Ternopil, in Russian people languageit is called Chat și dating online. Both variants are correct for now.

Ternopil Ternopol city of Ukraine streets Ternopil city lies along the upper Seret River, 70 miles roulette ruset km east of Lvov city.

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Ternopil city is important highway and railway junction of Western Ukraine. Ternopil Ukraine city population - Ternopil Ukraine city land area - 59 sq.

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Ternopil Ukraine city postal code - Ternopil Ternopol Ukraine city history Although Ternopil date of foundation is unknown, the first known reference to Ternopil occurs inwhen as a Polish town it was sacked by Tatars. Ternopil was known roulette ruset a fortress.

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At the end of the 16 century the fraternity was organized which played an important part in the struggle against Catholicism. In the Cossack troops headed by B. Khmelnitsky captured Ternopil. But Ternopil city was under Poland's control.

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In Ternopil was ruled by Russia. World War II inflicted exceptionally heavy damage on Ternopil. Ternopil Ternopol Ukraine view Ternopil Ternopol Ukraine city economy Modern Ternopol is an important railway junction and has light engineering, food-processing, and consumer-goods industries.

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A medical, teacher-training and financial institutes are also located in Ternopil. Ternopil Ukraine views - monuments Ternopil city and Ternopil oblast region are both known for their architectural and cultural monuments.

Ternopil Ukraine views - Theater Ternopil city is very comfortable for foreign travelers. There are a lot of exchange points and modern hotels in Ternopil Ukraine.

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Ternopil Ukraine views - Churches.