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Learn some basic words to impress your Romanian date While most Romanians speak at least one foreign language, usually English, knowing some basic words in Romanian will really impress your date.

You can learn on the internet, take classes, server picker 44 even ask the person to teach you and why not, teach him or her basic sayings in your language.

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This will also help you immerse yourself in Romanian culture. Krakow speed​​ dating to know the person first, and keep these matters for later.

Early history[ edit ] The region bounded by the Mureșthe Tisza and the Danube was very fertile and offered favorable conditions for food and human livelihood yet in BC. The first identifiable civilization in Banat were the Dacians who left traces of their past.

As a man, you can open a door for a woman, ask her what she wants to krakow speed​​ dating if in a restaurant, and give her your coat if she is cold. As a woman, listen to your partner and respect his beliefs and his views, and he will respect yours.

Share your culture Being a foreigner is already a plus as Romanians are very attracted to non-natives and always curious to get to know other cultures.

Casatorita Caut Amant Caut amant măgurele. Am 48 ani, statură mijlocie şi sunt un tip elevat. Barbați singuri caută femei în Teleorman Adelina, Spania, 39 ani, 1.

So, one good subject of conversation during your first dates would be about your country and your lifestyle. And by listening, I mean showing empathy, understanding, and caring about their stories and emotions.

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When a Romanian invites you to his or her house, know that before you arrived they took the time to prepare everything: from cleaning the house to cooking to dressing up. In traditional families, refusing to eat is considered impolite, while complimenting the food is always appreciated.

This shows that you are organized and take care of yourself and the place you live.

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But more than that, it is a sign of respect that you made an effort to prepare the house for their arrival, which will be much valued. Meet their friends, and have your friends meet them Having your date meet your friends is very important for a Romanian, as this will give them clues about the type of people you hang out with and how you act when being with them.

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The same goes for wanting to meet their friends; it means that you are interested in the people that surround them and you want to be a part of their life. This will make you come across as an arrogant person. Add to Plan Give us feedback Cookies Policy We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements.

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