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A battling action-type breakout game that hits, hits, and hits back! The more blocks you break, the more your character's costume will change, and when you break all the blocks, the stage is cleared and you get your character's costume!

Depending on the stage, enemies will appear and shoot attack bullets, but aggressively hit back the bullets, destroy blocks and defeat the enemies to aim for the high score!

There are more than 20 different character costumes and stages to choose from! Pretty Girls Breakout! Hitting the ball back at the right time will result in a smash, which will accelerate the ball and increase the damage it does to the block! In addition, a series of smashes will give you a hit bonus that further increases the speed and power of the ball.

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In some stages, enemies will appear and fire attack bullets at zoo bar speed​​ dating, but you can bat the bullets back at them and damage the enemies and blocks! Use your smash, which can do a lot of damage, to break blocks, kill enemies, and aim for a high score!

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Some of the indestructible blocks rotate the bar to hit the ball back, while others will fire enemy bullets from their turrets. The player's strategy and technique are the keys to success!

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Also, by breaking the blocks that contain items, you will get a chance to get various power-up items. This is a normal block. It can be destroyed by hitting it with a ball or an enemy bullet. This is a block that cannot be destroyed even if you hit it with a ball or an enemy bullet.

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This is a block where an item always appears when it is destroyed. A block with a rotating bar on it. If a ball touches the bar, it will be repelled. This is a turret block that fires enemy bullets at your ship. It is a block that cannot be destroyed even if you hit it with a ball or an enemy bullet.


When you break a block, an item with various temporary effects will appear. It assists the player by slowing down the ball's movement speed and preventing it from falling through the barrier. In addition, the power to break blocks is enhanced by adding more balls, firing attack bullets, and destroying the surroundings of the block they land on. Use the effects of the items to your advantage and conquer the stage!

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Wide Flipper: The size and swinging range of your ship will increase. Double Ball: Adds an extra ball.

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Barrier: The ball can be rebounded a certain number of times, preventing it from falling past your ship. Slow ball: The movement speed of all balls slows down for a certain period of time.

Shot: Fires bullets from your ship for a certain period of time. Bomb: Shoot a bomb that destroys the surrounding blocks only once.

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As you clear each stage, you will get new costumes for your characters, which will be added to your dressing room.

There are multiple costumes for each character! Try to get all the costumes for seven characters.

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Aoi is a dog demon with a cheerful, energetic, and pure personality, and is loved as a mascot. She has zoo bar speed​​ dating fast-paced personality and is intelligent, but she is not good at sports. She is viteză dating dezbatere kind older sister who brings everyone together, but she has a habit of making people upset and teasing them.

Cumpără Pretty Girls Breakout!

She has a serious and firm personality, but she is a Tsundere who is often lax in her judgment. She has a strong personality, but she also has a sweet side when she is with someone she trusts.

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She is gentle, calm, and maternal. Descrierea conținutului pentru adulți Dezvoltatorii descriu conținutul astfel: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Sexual Content, General Mature Content. Cerinţe de sistem.