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Ecoterra, No. At the moment the polemics continues.

oxygen 18 dating

It also has as an object some juridical and social consequences that this technique could generate in the near future. Key words: genes, biotechnologies, genetic engineering, ethics Ecoterra, No. Asachi" Iaşi, România Doru CIOCAN Autoritatea Naţională de Reglementare pentru Serviciile Comunitare de Utilităţi Publice Abstract: The climate changes that emerge from the global warming of the Earth have led to a decrease in the living conditions of its inhabitants and even at the borderline between life and death in some areas of the planet.

oxygen 18 dating

The main cause of this phenomenon is the air pollution, mainly with CO2, which causes the green house effect. In the given project the authors analyse the natural and the anthropic sources of air pollution and also the means of preventing ecological disasters. Key words: ecological disaster, climate change, greenhouse effect, CO2 Ecoterra, No.

Key words: greenhouse effect, global warming, extreme events, climate change Ecoterra, No. Often it is seen as a controlled method of city extension, representing the most valuable resource for the spatial development because it provides the necessary land upon new buildings are built.

oxygen 18 dating

Key words: peri-urban space, city extension, spatial development Ecoterra, No. Abstract: The aromatherapy is the branch of phitotherapy who aims the improvement or the healing of some diseases through utilization of some volatile and oxygen 18 dating products extracted from aromatic plants.

The article points out the systematic summary of aromatic plants from Olanesti area.

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Key words: aromatic plants, Olăneşti area, phytodiversity Ecoterra, No. Mureş Abstract: The aim of this paper is to determining the influence of the environmental factors on the phenology of the most disseminated prevernales and vernales plants in Tarnava Mica area. Key words: Târnava Mică area, phytodiversity, environmental factors Ecoterra, No. Among them we could mention rape with high oil content and sorghum with sugar content.

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The usage of fossil fuels on a large scale affects the clime and the environment, contributing to the global warming effect with adverse impacts on wildlife, animals and vegetation, provoking intoxications, necroses, acid rains etc.

Furthermore, oxygen 18 dating damages derived from various accidents could not be neglected as well, including the risks related to electrical and nuclear power stations. Along with the anthropogenic environmental risks climate change, acidification of ecosystems, defoliation of trees, erosion of soilnatural risks are also assessed and reviewed in the paper.

Key words: environmental risks, fossil fuels, bio fuels, global warming Ecoterra, No. Abstract: This paper presents the link between the electromagnetic pollution and the main network distorsion - overvoltages and shortcircuits.

The classical solutions based on varistors, gas arresters and fuses and one of the new solutions based on electronic voltage regulator are presented. The proposed new solution, patented in was implemented with a microcontroller, current Hall sensor and voltage sensor.

This electronic device for overvoltage and shortcircuit protection, connected with an integrated web server Site Player posts warnings on the Internet concerning the moments and type of distorsions.

oxygen 18 dating

Key words: electromagnetic pollution, network distortion, microcontroller Ecoterra, No. Key words: steel works slugs, ironwork, sustainable development, environment, impact Ecoterra, No. Implementation schedule of Framework Directive anticipates that the Measures Program draft to be finalized until Decemberthan dating dl d blogi be submitted oxygen 18 dating public debate during the year and included in the first Management Plan, which will be published until the end of Key words: water pollution, measures, human activities, Water management Plan Ecoterra, No.

The real advantage of these types of implementations has to be not only a more precise generation of PWM signals or implementation of more complexe control loops but the oxygen 18 dating of new functions, too: dynamic monitoring of power factor, new procedures for errors treatment, designing for tests and testability and also communication technologies between systems. Implementation of these new functions thanks to microcontrollers and System-On-Chip architectures has to rely characteristic particularities of these technologies: complete management of included analogous and digital resources, a wide variety of peripherals which may be oxygen 18 dating in designing, the possibility to create new peripherals and high degree of resources reusing.

Key words: power sources, microcontroller, System-On-Chip architectures, power equipments Ecoterra, No. Some methods, as luminescence or EPR dating, combine the radioactive aspects with solid state physics aspects.

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The paper presents three of the most interesting dating applications in the world Earth age, Shroud of Turin, Turkana Boy. Key words: nuclear dating methods, radioactivity, luminiscence methods Ecoterra, No. This method is based on two radionuclide which can be found in the sediment, one of them is natural and it is derived from the atmosphere Pb and the other is an artificial radionuclide Cs originated from nuclear tests and the nuclear power plant accident from Chernobyl.

By analyzing the distribution of this radionuclide in the sediment column and applying the correct dating model we could find the age or the sedimentation rate for the investigated lake. This dating method was applied for examining the Red Lake sedimentation rate, and the results show some acceleration in sediment deposition in the last 18 years.

oxygen 18 dating

Key words: radiometric dating methods, Red Lake, radionuclide, sediment Ecoterra, No. Gheorghe Abstract: The decomposition and total mineralization of phenol has been investigated and compared using UV photolysis, ozonation and their combination.

The light source was a low-pressure mercury vapor lamp emitting at and nm and the energy consumption was identical in all cases. The dissolved oxygen enhanced the decomposition during UV photolysis, but there was no difference between the aerated and oxygen saturated solutions. Using oxygen instead of air the rate of decomposition increased strongly during ozonation and slightly in the combination of these methods.

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The combination of UV photolysis and ozonation was the most effective in the aspect of total mineralization. Key words: phenol, ozone, UV photolysis, wastewater, mineralization Ecoterra, No. In Romania, besides the literature quotations, we specify new places where pumpkinseed sunfish can be found, places that we discovered during our field research in the period of We also discuss about the species influence upon the inland aquatic ecosystems from Europe.

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