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Trade was transcontinental, and some objects were distributed over wide areas, allowing us to synchronize a whole chain of cultures. In fortunate instances, trade objects link the central and eastern European cultures to the historic areas in the south, providing evidence for absolute dating.

In describing cultural relationships in this large territory, the synchronization of the assemblages is fundamental.

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Therefore, the first chapter in this volume is dedicated to defining the chronology of different cultural groups on the basis of commercial or military relations. Climatic change as indicated by pollen analysis does not serve as effectively for the establishment of chronology in the Bronze Age as it did in the Stone Age. A Sub-Boreal climate persisted throughout the period, and radical changes in climate which would have caused greater changes in vegetation did not occur.

Pollen data are, therefore, only of secondary importance. In the northern forested zone, however, where Stone Age cultural levels persisted, such data are of use.

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The pollens from the peat bogs in the middle Urals have shown fluctuations in climate during the Sub-Boreal period from a dry to a wetter climate and back to a dry one.

These changes of short duration serve in a few cases to synchronize the archaeological material. So far, carbon dates are not available for any of the east European Bronze Age sites.

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In this case one must rely on cross-correlations from outside. Carbon dates made for Bronze Age finds in northwestern Europe more or less agree with the archaeological dates in central Europe.

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For the beginning of the Bronze Age the dates of the Bell Beaker culture in Germany obtained by carbon dating are of importance. They fall between ca. Wood from 5 cm below the Bell Beaker layer dated ± B. Münnich, ; Thomas, ; note: dates are not corrected for a half life of ± About the same time horizon is indicated by the radiocarbon date for a sample of charred grain from a storage pit at Burgliebenau near Merseburg in eastern Germany from the time of the transition from the end Neolithic to Early Bronze Age.

It was dated by the Groningen laboratory to ± B. De Yries, Barendsen, Waterbolk, ; Thomas, The twentieth-nineteenth centuries B. Several carbon dates for the early corded beakers were obtained in the Netherlands.

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One was for the beaker from Ede in southern Veluwe: ± B. Waals and Glasbergen, These dates indicate that the earliest corded beakers precede the bell beakers in northwestern Europe. The IJnetice culture in central Europe, with which a real metal culture starts, dating marathon buch succeeds the Bell Beaker and the Corded period. The radiocarbon dates for the later Bronze Age periods in the Netherlands also show the broad outlines of its chronology. The dates of samples from the tumuli of Toterfout-Halve-Mijl indicate a range between ±85 and ± B.

The few dates available are already of great assistance since they correlate well with recent archaeological concepts.


Absolute dates referred to in this monograph are mostly derived from the chronology of Greece. Mycenaean, Submycenaean, and Protogeometric connections are very important for establishing the central European Bronze Age chronology.

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The IJnetice-Tumulus-Urnfield culture with its very rich Bronze Age materials, obtained from thousands of hoards, graves, and from habitation sites, certainly is the backbone of the European Bronze Age chronology outside Greece. The Unetice-Tumulus-Urnfield chronology is applicable to many cultural groups adjacent to central Europe because they belong to the central European sphere of influence. The dates of the Caucasian sphere including the northern Pontic area are based on the absolute dates of the Near Eastern cultures to which the Caucasus was linked throughout all the periods of the Bronze Age.

However, the cross-dating with the central European and Mycenaean chronology is very useful.

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The western Pontic area serves a transitional zone where central European and Aegean forms meet with the Caucasian products. The wide distribution of some bronzes over the North Eurasian forested plain allows us to tie the dating marathon buch Russian and middle Ural assemblages to the Chinese chronology.

In many cultural groups the local stratigraphies have yielded complete sequences, thus providing us with a means of checking the chronology established on the basis of intertribal trade. The European cultures of this time did not live in isolation.

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Ever since the end of the third millennium B. The trade routes, which tied together the various cultures of north and south or east and west, enable us to establish the contemporaneity of certain cultures. Weapons, tools, ornaments or ornamental motifs, amber and faience dating chaperone are the indicators of the communications existing between the historic world of the Near East and Egypt, Greece, Crete, and the socalled "barbarian" north.

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They also suggest the nature of the interrelationship of local cultures with one another. The spread of copper or bronze, gold or silver earrings, hair-rings, pins, bracelets, neckrings, axes, daggers, swords, bronze vessels, etc.

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Hence, std dating apps tracing the distribution of articles used in trade or brought dating marathon buch moving peoples, and by studying the local stratigraphies and typological developments, we can determine which cultures were contemporaneous.

It dating marathon buch necessary to stress here that trade objects alone are not sufficient bases for a synchronic framework.

Amongst them, are of Firmalempen type, whose marks we hereby briefly review. The presence of moulds and scrap artifacts are indicative of the intense economic and production activities in the region.

Items such as amber or faience beads were used in trade over a long time and their forms did not change appreciably. Therefore, in many instances they are merely evidence of commerical contacts but do not fix any definite time horizon. Of importance are the assemblages of finds - the hoards, graves, and collections from habitation sites - in which certain "diagnostic" forms prevalent over a large territory appear in association with other finds.

The 'diagnostic' forms, such as pins, fibulae or swords, represent constant innovations, they belong to the dynamic side of life, and therefore serve as time markers.

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In all the periods there never occurred such a break in a culture that all forms stopped existing at the same time and completely new forms appeared. Even in the case of migrations, we cannot find the rapid disappearance of local forms. Only foreign elements appear in abundance and, from the merger of old and new, hybrid forms are gradually born. In this chapter I will attempt to synchronize the cultures of central Europe, eastern central Europe north of the Danube, the Baltic area and Russia with those of Greece and Italy, and, dating marathon buch some instances, with those of the Near East.

The purpose is: 1 to build a chronological framework on which the further description of cultures will be based, and 2 to show commercial relations.

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Only the most indicative examples which witness the intercultural relations or date the assemblages will be shown. I shall repeat them again with additions, extensions to the east, and with my own views on the problem of synchronization. The use of different labeling systems in central, northern, eastern central, western Europe, in the Caucasus, the Pontic area, the Urals and elsewhere causes great confusion for anyone attempting to view the chronological sequence over a large area.

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Therefore, the use of dated epochs is preferable by far, and it is possible to use dates because of the many ties to the historical south. However, for some dates used in the chronological tables a margin of error of from 50 to years must be allowed.

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The period under examination is traditionally apportioned into three major divisions, the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze Ages, and each of them into intervals lasting from or less to or more years each.