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Awards Grigore C. Moisil Prize, awarded by the Romanian AcademyRomania, for Cross-lingual Laws of Semantic Change. Berlin: Language Science Press, In Proc. CLEFOnline. Dinu, Simona Georgescu, Laurentiu Zoicas, Dinu, Studying the Evolution of Scientific Topics and their Relationships. Mathematics 8 9 Random Steinhaus distances for robust classification of partially inconsistent linguistic data. Alina Ciobanu, Liviu P. Dinu, Laurentiu Zoicas, Ana Uban, Liviu P Dinu, Computational Linguistics, vol.

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EMNLPpp. Dinu and Adriana Birlutiu, Linguistic classification: dealing jointly with irrelevance and inconsistency.

Ana Uban, Liviu P. Dinu, Bogdan Dumitru, Alex Popa, Algorithms for closed and farthest string problems via rank distance.

De elită: English translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, examples

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On the stylistic evolution from communism to democracy: Solomon Marcus study case. RANLPp Varna, Bulgaria.

Liviu P. Dinu

In ed. St Bratosin, M. New York, United States, 10th July Automatic Discrimination between Cognates and Borrowings. Anca Dinu, Liviu P. Cross lingual synonymy overlapping.

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Liviu P. Dinu

Predicting romanian stress assignment. Gothenburg, Sweden, April Association for Computational Linguistics. Alina Maria Ciobanu and Liviu Dinu.

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A quantitative insight into the impact of translation on readability. Temporal text ranking and automatic dating of texts. Dinu, Radu Gramatovici, Florin Manea, Syllabic Languages and Gothrough Automata. Fundamenta Informaticaep. Dinu, Radu-Tudor Ionescu, Clustering based on median uber dating site closest string via rank distance with applications on DNA.

Neural Computing and Applications 24 1p. Dinu, Ionut Sorodoc, Aggregation methods for efficient collocation detection. Dinu, Vlad Niculae, Using a machine learning model to assess the complexity of stress systems. On the Romance Languages Mutual Intelligibility. Sequence Tagging for Verb Conjugation in Romanian. Sergiu Nisioi, Liviu P. A Clustering Approach for Translationese Identification.

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LNCS, Springerpp Temporal classification for historical Romanian texts. Dinu, Sergiu Nisioi, Using Ranks in Stylometric Analysis. On the Romanian rhyme detection.

Authorial studies using ranked lexical features. Dealing with the grey sheep of the Romanian gender system, the neuter. Antonella Delmestri, Liviu P. In Methods and Applications of Quantitative Linguistics. Dinu, Alexandru Popa, On the Closest String via Rank Distance. Dinu, Alina Resceanu, Ion Resceanu. Learning How to Conjugate the Romanian Verb. Rules for Regular and Partially Irregular Verbs.

Pastiche detection based on stopword rankings. Exposing impersonators of a Romanian writer. Iulia Danaila, Liviu P. String distances for near-duplicate detection.

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In Cicling posterNew Delhi, India. Published also in: Polibits 45, Dinu, Iulia Iuga, Dinu, Andrea Sgarro. Dinu, Andrea Sgarro, Geometry of strings and possibilistic coding.

Can Alternations Be Learned? Tiberiu Danet, Liviu P. Meta-search: aggregating search engine results using rank-distance. Dinu, Florin Ghetu, Dinu, Radu Ionescu. Contextual grammars and linguistic segmentation. Analele Univ. A rank based multi-classifier system in text categorization.

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Dinu, Andrei Rusu, Dinu, Marius Popescu, Ordinal measures in authorship identification. Uncovering plagiarism, authorship and social software misuse. Comparing statistical similarity measures for stylistic multivariate analysis. On the behavior of Romanian syllables related to minimum effort laws. Liviu P Dinu, Marius Popescu, Language independent kernel method for classifying texts with disputed paternity.

On the insertion grammars with parallel derivation. Fundamenta Informaticae, 93 4p. Maximal rank distance for binary sequences.

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Dinu, Marius Popescu, Anca Dinu, Authorship identification of Romanian texts with controversial paternity. Measures of fuzzy disarray in linguistic typology. Marius Popescu, Liviu P. Rank distance as a stylistic similarity. On Computational Linguistics —short paperManchester, augustp. A multi-criteria decision method based on rank distance.

Fundamenta Informaticae, 86p. Dinu, Ioan Tomescu, Rivista internazionale di tecnica della traduzione-Int. Kernel methods and string kernels for authorship identification: The Federalist Papers case. From natural language processing to computational biology alphabet dating idei c back.

Managing Money and Language as Interrelated Sign Systems

In Grigore C Moisil and his followers. Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest,p.

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On the syllabification of words via go-through automata. Dinu, Denis Enachescu,