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Deleting and silencing a global community on the injustices is not your responsibility. If you had a bit of moral values you would also speak of injustices.

But you censor what is against American foreign policy dating xenofil yet you are a global platform serving global citizens with the right to speak of injustices. You are a state funded and approved social network.

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Like supporting Israel at all costs even if it causes an injustice to Palestinians. You silently deleted a whole group of 20, people calling for justice for the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood evictions without mentioning it to the members.

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Woke up this morning vida dating site the group was gonedisappeared. Shame on you! Ooo and an other problem wich is not about Facebook.

Destinat adulților peste 17 ani Bumble es la primera app que reúne en una sola red social la posibilidad de hacer nuevas conexiones para vivir una vida positiva y productiva.

What's the use of having a global social network if your censored and unable to speak about global issues. We are not all Americans and we do not all agree to American foreign policy. You censure and delete what doesn't suit your states foreign policies.

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