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If you're having issues with the Money app, you've come to the right place. There are a few simple things that you can do to resolve most issues with MSN apps.

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First, be sure that you have a connection to the internet. If you are on a mobile device and away from Wi-Fi hotspots, be sure that you have allowed the device to use your cellular service. Next, be sure that you are signed in with your Microsoft account and that you are using the same Microsoft account on devices that you want to share information.

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If you are using the app for the first time, it may download updates and some features may respond slower than expected. If you see a specific error message, send feedback puteți avea încredere în întâlniri online within the app and include the error message in your feedback.

Open Settings for this app. Select apps iphone country and language combination for the edition of the app.

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A search bar will appear at the top of the screen. Enter your query in the box. Select the option from the drop-down box to complete the search. You can see details including price and financial statements by tapping or selecting the item in your watchlist.

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From the watchlist page, tap the rearrange icon. Tap and hold the tile for the item you want to move around. Drag the item to the apps iphone where you want it. Select done to save the list.

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You can identify the exchange name along with the ticker and company name. You can distinguish the international stocks by the exchange short name on the tiles in your watchlist.

All about the MSN Money app - iPad & iPhone

Tap or select World Markets on the Market page to see other international market indices. Selecting an index will take you to a page with more detailed information.

Research my favorite indices On the Money home screen, go to the Market section. Select the index tile.

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The index page will open. Scroll to the right to see movers, constituents and other information about the index.

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You can also find major stock indices through the search bar. On the index page scroll to the right to see movers, constituents and other information about the index.

Stock prices are displayed along with the trading time information and charts on the stock details page. On the home page, swipe or scroll to the apps iphone to see the Tools section.

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Tap or select individual tiles to use the various personal finance tools. Research company news, stock prices, and financials Use the Search field, enter the full name or ticker symbol for a stock, fund or ETF and select the matching entry from the list.

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The stock page will open. Scroll to the right to view news, financials, and other information about the company.

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From Markets, select the exchange you would like to review. From the exchange overview page swipe to Movers, where gainers are listed. Select your currency.