Quran surah despre dating. Reuniunea site- ului Zawaj

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quran surah despre dating

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Probably dating back to long before We can determine it is a very old writing, from hundreds of years ago, for the type of heavy paper used and the watermark present on the pages. Size: 24 x The real colour of the pages is darker than shown in these photos.

quran surah despre dating

That paper started to be produced by the Arabs a thousand years ago and was introduced around the world through the existing routes of trade and exchange. The Muslim community in Ethiopia specifically bought them to produce this type of manuscripts. This is a handwritten manuscript, there is no doubt. Translation of the text: And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie about Allah?

Reuniunea site- ului Zawaj

For them the punishment will be multiplied. They were not able to hear, nor did they see. Are they equal in comparison?

quran surah despre dating

Then, will you not remember? Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a painful day. And we do not see in you over us any merit; rather, we think you are liars.

Dating femei Blida.

My reward is not but from Allah. And I am not one to drive away those who have believed.

quran surah despre dating

Indeed, they will meet their Lord, but I see that you are a people behaving ignorantly. Then will you not be reminded?

quran surah despre dating

Allah is most knowing of what is within their souls. Indeed, I would then be among the wrongdoers.

Quran 42. Ash-Shura (The Consultation) Arabic and English translation HD 4K

So bring us what you threaten us, if you should be of the truthful. He is your Lord, and to Him you will be returned.

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Good for a collection of the most antique manuscripts. Detaliile lotului.