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The church was erected in the Princely Court at Vaslui and was used as its chapel. It was built on the site of an older wooden church dating from hallmark dating silver 14th century.

The original founder's inscription, which was written in Church Slavonic and discovered in on the western wall of the church, reads as follows: 'I Prince Stephen, by God's mercy, ruler of the Land of Moldavia, son of Prince Bogdan, built this church named the Beheading of the Glorious Prophet and Forerunner St John the Baptist.

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It began in the yearthe month of April, 27, and ended the sane year, September In time only the princely church was preserved of the Princely Court in Vaslui. Paul of Aleppo said that 'in Vaslui there are the palaces, the bathhouses, the walking places as well as the big magnificent church, with a slim very tall cupola.


All around the church here are vaults and arches on which they also painted icons of all saints. Everywhere in the church there are paintings. The architecture is very beautiful.

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In the inner middle of the cupola or in the canopy there is a big pew, where there is the throne of God. The church was built again from the foundation in by Maria Cantacuzino, widow of Costache Ghica, who was head of the princely chancellery and vom online dating zum trabuc of the Vaslui estate. The church was built again and the initial plan was observed, which had been made at the time of St Stephen the Great. They added a porch and a belfry to the new building.

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The original cupola was no longer built and the wall separating the nave from the narthex was removed. On this occasion they added a new founder's inscription, placed in the south-western part of the narthex, which reads in Romanian: 'This holy and divine abode being built in the beginning by the late old Prince Stephen VV and his son Bogdan VV and after a time collapsing was built again by Maria Cantacuzini, wife of the late head of the princely chancellery, at her own expense, for their eternal commemoration in the year after Christ.

The church was repaired between and The fresco painting was made in by George Ioanid, an apprentice to painter Gheorghe Tattarescu, In the belfry was restored. In the end they removed the outer plaster and the original bricks and the enamelled disks were brought to light.

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The current aspect is due to the restoration at this time. After the earthquake, the painting of the church was made again by Sebastian Constantinescu. The large narthex of the church is typical of the churches founded by St Stephen the Great.

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In the hallmark dating silver of the church there are several old things, dating from the 18thth hallmark dating silver, such as icons, silver liturgical items, religious books, etc. The iconostasis of the church, which is decorated with icons painted in oil, dates back to the 19th century. The Princely Church in Vaslui, together with Stephen the Great's house, the belfry and the parish house are under capital repair due to a European project.

In a complete list of the most important and necessary investments in the city of Vaslui the city hall included in the draft budget for this year also comprises the Beheading of St John the Baptist Church ensemble, which is a historical monument, and the archaeological site of the Princely Courts.

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All around the church there was a churchyard, which has been preserved up to now in the eastern part of the court only. The small churchyard preserves some tomb stones of the 19th and 20th centuries, belonging to the former owners and heirs of the Ghica estate in Vaslui. One of them, Pavel and Elena Subin's funerary monument made of cast iron, dating fromhas been on the list of the historical monuments in Vaslui County since Sunt interzise copierea, reproducerea, recompilarea, modificarea, precum şi orice modalitate de exploatare a conţinutului acestui website.

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