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That being said, it's a VR game where you have to compromise on graphics due to the incredibly demanding hardware required to run it. So it's not as good as a normal game can be, there are a lot less polygons on screen than a traditional game, and textures are not as high resolution as your used to.

But this game comes as close to parity as any game has yet to get to, due to the game's use of scaling resolution and generally more confined locations so not as much has to be drawn at dating cu half life given time.

Generally speaking expect VR graphics quality to be about years behind other games visually, unless the game makes very clever use of the environment and it's resources, which this game does, hence why it looks so close to a modern game.

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If your expecting photorealism, dream on, no game in existance can do that yet, as a game would need to be at about 16k resolution and have a GPU we would see as alien technology by today's standards. We're at least 10 years away from photorealism.

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