Dating jordan amman. Prefix telefonic Amman Jordan:

dating jordan amman

To add incredible activities to your trip, just Click Here and choose from different types of tours. Despre oraş Amman, considered by some the cultural capital of the Middle East, is the capital of Jordan.


The heart of all the town is the Citadel with Romans and Ammonites ruins. From the top of the Citadel you can see a wonderful landscape over the hills of the city.

dating jordan amman

Whilst the city we see may not be very old, on the hill of the Citadel there is evidence of the ancient history of the city that was Greek Philadelphia. There is an interesting Archaeological museum worth visiting. Nearby, there is the Dating jordan amman theatre and some museums with interesting displays of mosaics, jewelry and costume.

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A walk around the city brings you to mosques and a surprising variety of churches, souks and shops. Amman is a busy city where the modern and the traditional coexist side by side.

dating jordan amman

Moreover, Amman is the perfect starting point if you want to visit all the area around this town. Creat: miercuri, 12 februarie - Plecare: duminică, 1 martie Servicii incluse.