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Author s : Carmen Todea ; Amalia Sarpe; Bogdan Vitez ; Gheorghe Draganescu Show Abstract The present study aims to assess the pulp vitality before and after different tooth bleaching procedures, in order to determine the changes in pulpal microcirculation and whether they are reversible or not.

Twelve volunteers were included in this study. For each volunteer, the pulpal blood flow of maxillary teeth was assessed prior to treatment using Laser Doppler Flowmetry. The bleaching agents were applied on counterpart teeth and, after obtaining a esthetic results for each tooth, the pulpal blood flow was assessed using Laser Doppler Flowmetry immediately after treatment and then after one day and one week.

All data were collected and statistically analyzed. The results suggest that the tooth bleaching procedurere presents a safe treatment method, which does not lead to irreversible damage to the dental pulp, when used correctly. Author s : U. Romeo ; G. Gaimari; M. Mohsen ; G. Tenore; G. OVM can affect any type of vessels arterial, venous or lymphatic and any capillary or anatomical.

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They are divided into two categories: low and high flow. In this study were treated 40 patients with OVM with a range size from 2 mm to 44 mm; they were subjected to clinical examination supported by Colour-Doppler Ultrasound instrumental examination and only for doubt cases the Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI was prescribed.

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These techniques permitted a good control of haemostasis, avoiding bleeding both during surgery and in the postoperative. A clear diagnosis allowed the management of Venous malformations VM by laser devices with wavelengths highly absorbed in haemoglobin in safety and efficacy and according to the principles of minimal invasive surgery.

The aim of this study was to verify if the laser is effective in the treatment of OVM for the purpose of the clinical findings and the postoperative course. The Authors concluded that the laser can be considered the "gold standard" for treating OVM.

Author s : Roeland J. De Moor ; Maarten A. Meire; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk Show Abstract The major problem of irrigation is the fluid motion within the confined geometry of the root canal : efficient dispersion of the liquid is difficult, conventional irrigation is limited due to the absence of turbulence over much of the canal volume, vapour lock may online dating mid 20s apical cleaning and disinfection, there is also a stagnation plane beyond the needle tip.

The best way to improve irrigant penetration and biofilm removal is achieved by means of the agitation of the fluid. Today ultrasonic activation appears to be the best way to activate and potentiate irrigants among the present-day used means and marketed systems.

Another way to activate irrigation solutions is the use of lasers: laser activated irrigation or photon-initiated acoustic streaming have been investigated.

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Based on present-day research it appears that the efficacy of laser activation especially with Erbium lasers can be more efficient thanks to the induction of specific cavitation phenomena and acoustic streaming. Other wavelengths are now explored to be used for laser activated irrigation. Symptoms are epistaxis, visceral arterio-venous malformations, multiple muco-cutaneous telangiectasia with the risk of number increasing enlargement, bleeding, and super-infection.

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EL preventive treatment consists of single Laser impulse fibre in ultrapulsed mode 2 mm single point spot. According to the results, Diode Laser used in pulsed and ultra-pulsed mode is very effective as noninvasive treatment both in early and advanced oral and perioral telangiectasia. LM may grow slowly over years or develop rapidly over the course of days becoming a bulky lump, infected or bleeding. We propose our three steps Diode Laser protocol for LM management, based on its persistent vascular blood component.

Use of Diode Laser also in surgical excision reduces intra and postoperatory kwink dating site. Author s : Luminita Nica ; Carmen Todea ; Gabriel Furtos; Bogdan Baldea Show Abstract Bonding to root canal dentin may be difficult due to various factors: the structural characteristic of the root canal dentin, which is different from that of the coronal dentin; the presence of the organic tissue of the dental pulp inside packers online dating root canal, which has to be removed during the cleaning-shaping of the root canal system; the smear-layer resulted after mechanical instrumentation, which may interfere with the adhesion of the filling materials; the type of the irrigants used in online dating mid 20s cleaning protocol; the type of the sealer and core material used in the obturation of the endodontic space; the type of the materials used for the restoration of the endodontically treated teeth.

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The influence of the cleaning protocol, of the root canal filling material, of the type of the adhesive system used in the restoration of the treated teeth and of the region of the root canal, on the adhesion of several filling and restorative materials to root canal dentin was evaluated in the push-out bond strength test on 1-mm thick slices of endodontically treated human teeth.

The results showed that all these factors have a statistically significant influence on the push-out bond strength. Formation of resin tags between radicular dentin and the investigated materials was observed in some of the samples at SEM analysis. Author s : Alexandru Ogodescu ; Adrian Manescu; Ana Emilia Ogodescu; Alessandra Giuliani; Carmen Todea Show Abstract White spot lesions are an early evidence of the demineralization of the enamel surface and are the first step of future caries that will develop on those spots.

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Recently, a new and innovative biotechnology was developed — Icon, a caries infiltrant to be introduced in early tooth lesions, able to achieve a very good preservation of dental structures. In order to assess the infiltrant penetration level inside the white spot lesions, a non-destructive 3D visualization method is needed.

Online dating mid 20s micro computed tomography using synchrotron radiation proved to be a powerful technique, allowing a 3D morphological investigation of all the components of interest: tooth structure, white spot lesions extension, infiltrant penetration inside the lesions, without the need of slicing the specimens.

From our clinical experience and the conducted research we can conclude that this technology is effective and useful in many clinical situations encountered in pediatric dentistry. Imperceptible cell dysfunction that is not corrected early anantapur dating site lead to disease.

Fine-tuning can be done daily in only minutes, using pulsed electromagnetic fields PEMFs.

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In addition, when there is a known imbalance when symptoms are present or there is a known disease or condition, PEMF treatments, used either alone or along with other therapies, can often help cells rebalance dysfunction faster.

It is seen in literature that RecoveryRX and ActiPatch improve the cell metabolism, rebalance the membrane potential difference, improve the circulation and the oxigenation of the tissues, acceleration of osteogenesis, acceleration repair of soft tissues, reduce pain.

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Conclusion: the RecoveryRX and ActiPatch devices could improve the postsurgical healing reducing the patient discomfort. Romeo ; N. Russo; A. Datând pe cineva în aplicarea legii G.

Favia; M. Lacaita; L. Limongelli; S. In this study we treated 26 Intraoral Haemangiomas IH and 15 Perioral Haemangiomas PH with diode laser photocoagulation using a laser of ±10nm of wavelength. In each session, only a limited area of the PH was treated, obtaining a progressive improvement of the lesion. Nevertheless, more studies online dating mid 20s required to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy in mid and long time period.

Author s : Bogdan Baldea; Silvana Canjau ; Dragos Popescu; Anca Tudor; Carmen Todea Show Abstract The aim of this retrospective clinical study was to examine the survival time of endodontically treated teeth ETT and the factors that may influence the failure risk, over a period of up to 7 years.

The files of 67 patients that received metal free post and core restorations using a standardized technique were analyzed.

Cox regression was used to assess the risk of failure and to identify possible covariates. The average survival time of the ETT was 6. The cumulative failure rate was 5. The main failure type was encountered in the cervical area of the teeth, and due to the extensive hard tissue loss, the teeth were extracted. Author s : Marius Leretter ; Adrian Cândea ; Florin Topala Show Abstract Peri-implantitis is like Damocles sword, threatening over our final results as is the most common cause of implant failure.

It is, was and will be one of the most challenging tasks for online dating mid 20s online dating mid 20s to deal with. The rough implant surface offers the ideal conditions for the pathogenic bacteria to stick and multiply.

Even more, the growing mature biofilm is harder to eliminate. Mechanical cleaning and rinsing is not capable to destroy it entirely. Most treatment protocols include strong antibiotics, disregarding their side effects viteza datând melbourne interactions with other medications.

Results: The patients reported no pain, bleeding, swelling or major discomfort during the postoperative control of the following day. In terms of psycho-emotional reactions, both patients well behave well, the calm being given by no pain, bleeding, suture or edema.

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Discussions: The accuracy of this method, as well as the use of Barbat cauta femei Bucuresti means of healing, allow satisfactory results both online dating mid 20s patient and physician. Conclusions: Our study reveals that the possibilities regarding the surgical modeling of the lower lip frenulum are higher due to laser than the classical surgical approach. Moreover, a major role in the prevention of relapse by inappropriate healing is represented by the approach of frenectomy accompanied by frenuloplasty.

A controlled clinical study was conducted in a group of 93 patients presenting various forms of oral soft tissues benign tumors. These patients were examined pre-and postoperatively and the oral benign tumors were measured linearly and photographed.