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Lake Nakuru National Park, famous for its dating nakuru, is its most popular land mark.

dating nakuru

This warehouse is located in the dating nakuru zone of Nakuru town. This warehouse is situated a few metres off the Nakuru - Eldoret Highway.

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This is an industrial plot developed with a single storey go down, with part basement built around the boundaries. The site is level, roughly rectangular shaped, black cotton soil plot.

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The boundaries are defined by building lines. The go down is constructed with reinforced concrete frame work and stone blocks infills externally dressed and internally part plastered, and painted beneath a double pitched galvanized corrugated iron sheet roof, with translucent sheets for natural light supported on steel trusses.

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The offices and sanitary areas all have a ceramic tile floor finish. Ceilings are unlined in the tsora area, plastered and painted concrete slabs. Windows are glazed and louvered and set in metal casements and are burglar proof. Doors are heavy steel plate type on the external and semi solid flush type internally. Floors are over site concrete slab finished smooth with cement screed, while the sanitary areas all have ceramic tiles flooring.

dating nakuru

Doors area combination of heavy steel plate type and metal rolling doors to the externals and flush type internally. Windows are glazed metals casements fitted with burglar proof grilles.

Approach to the basement is through ramps and steps.

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The property has the benefit of main water supply and electricity. Drainage is by means of a septic thank.

dating nakuru

An underground water storage tank is installed to supplement mains water supply. The stairway to the mezzanine floor is constructed in reinforced concrete and finished in ceramic files and fitted with metal balustrades and handrails.