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What is GTA Online? Character Creator The first thing you will encounter when you start up GTA Online for the first time is the character creation menu. In the PC version of the game it is more advance than the previous iterations from the Xbox and PS3. The player can choose between Male and Female characters, their Heritage which affects appearance and race. Features such as eyes, nose shape and positioning, brows, cheeks, lips, etc.

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Appearance which adjusts perks amuzant de întâlniri cu tweets style and color, facial hair, skin textures such as blemishes, aging, damage, eye color and so on.

Apparel which will allow the player to determine their starting outfit based off of several clothing styles then determining the san andreas dating guide itself as a subset, along with hats, glasses, and a crew t-shirt. Stats which will be covered more indepth later determine your characters starting abilities, or more so, how well they perform these abilities. You are given a limited number of points to adjust your starting stats if you wish to favor one stat first.

Online Tutorial Once you have finished creating and customizing your character you will be shown flying into Los Santos, now apart of the GTA world and introduced to your first contact Lamar Davis. Lamar gives the player their very first san andreas dating guide the Hawk and Little Pistol and takes the player to their first destination. Your first mission from Lamar which you will automatically be que'd for is a race Mall Or Nothing which pits the fresh level 1 player against several other players in the tutorial, this is your first competitve race mission.

Players will get to choose between a variety of Sedans and colors before engaging in a Point-to-Point race with each other and Lamar.

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As soon as the race is finished four or less players from the previous lobby will be paired together to do their first PVE mission for their next contact Gerald. The mission Learning The Ropes requires the players to work together to interupt a drug deal under the Olympic Freeway being conducted by the Ballas. The player along with any other players from the previous mission will be dropped into the open Free Roam world now, though the tutorial will continue for a bit longer.

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As soon as you have control you are directed to the nearest clothes store to spend your new money on some new threads. As soon as you are finished Lamar will contact you in-game and tell you to go rob a store with another player with the Free Roam mission Hold Up, at the same time he contacts your new partner.

Both players will be notified of the store they are working together to rob on the map and should wait for each other to arrive before robbing it. Once inside the player must point their gun at the store clerc to start the robbery or shoot around him to make him work faster, once the money is dropped and collected both players need to escape the police before the money can be split.

After your first robbery you will recieve a call from a new contact, Simeon Yetarian, who will instruct you to steal a car as your new San andreas dating guide Vehicle. Only certain vehicles will be allowed to be stolen and fitted with a tracker this way, very expensive or other player vehicles will not allow trackers on them. Once you have stolen the desired vehicle san andreas dating guide want you must drive it to the Los Santos Customs where you can outfit it with datând thailanda bangkok tracker and free insurance, allowing you to replace the vehicle should it get damaged.

After obtaining your new Personal Vehicle you are instructed to drive to a mission marker for a PVP mission of Last Team Standing, all the player is required to do is step into the marker to complete the tutorial, playing the mission is not required but is fun if you choose to play it.

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You are now free to do anything you want! Character Skills San andreas dating guide like in the Single Player, there are seven primary skills your character will have that level up as you perform them, increasing their efficency. There is also one secondy skill that does not directly affect gameplay.

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Stamina The players Stamina is their ability to run, swim, and cycle in the game. The higher your Stamina is, the longer your can perform each of these actions without rest.

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Once the player reaches Maximum Stamina the player can perform all three of these actions without rest indefinitly, allowing for infinite sprinting, swimming, and cycling. Shooting This is the san andreas dating guide you will be most familar with, putting other people in the ground.

The Shooting skill is one of the most important skills san andreas dating guide character has and will increase by landing hits on enemies, making headshots and performing objectives at an Ammu-nation Shooting Range. All Online characters by default will reload at the fastest possible speed for balancing reasons, but as you increase your Shooting skill you will have less recoil, better accuracy, and will increase your ammo capacity with all weapons.

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At Maximum Shooting you will perform to your best with firearms and can carry up to 9, bullets with weapons that use such, explosive weapons are individually capped. Strength The Strength skill is a subtle but very useful stat to have. Benefits from this stat include increased melee damage, faster ladder climbing, improved performance in sports, and reduced damage taken.

At Maximum Strength you will be able to deal the most melee damage, climb ladders at the fastest speed, perform at your peak in sports and will have the most amount of damage reduction possible.

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When entered into Stealth mode the player will make less noise when moving and during deathmatches will disappear off the map. The skill is increased by 1. At Maximum Stealth the player can move much more quickly while in Stealth mode and will make no noise at all while moving. Firing an unsuppressed weapon or being in line of sight of another player during deathmatches will still reveal the player in Stealth mode.

Flying The Flying skill is very useful for pilots san andreas dating guide other players who are fans of flying any aircrafts in the game, or for aircraft or flying based missions and gamemodes.

The higher the players Flying skill the better they are at taking off, landing and managing turbulence, the lower the skill, the worst these things will affect your performance. To increase this stat faster, players can participate in the San Andreas Flight School which will give the player various missions to complete while flying or parachuting. At Maximum Flying the player will be able to land and take off much more quickly and will barely be affected by turbulence san andreas dating guide in bad weather.

Driving The Driving skill is the players ability to manage and perform while Driving any land or sea based vehicle. This skill can be raised multiple ways, by popping wheelies to landing the vehicle safely after big jumps, completing stunt jumps, driving for periods of time without hitting anything, or driving into oncoming traffic without hitting anything.

At Maximum Driving the player will have the best control and handling possible of their vehicle while Driving or while it is in the air, and can perform wheelies much more easily. Lung Capacity Arguably one of the least used stats in the game but it still retains usefulness for those that player sea based missions often or perform to explore the waters.

The higher this skill, the longer the player can spend underwater before losing health. At Maximum Lung Niveluri de dating the player will be able to stay underwater for the longest possible duration.

Mental State This is the only secondary skill in the game and does not directly affect game performance. The Mental State skill starts for all players at empty, no bars, and increases overtime as players kill pedistrians, cops, other players, destroy vehicles and cause rdf dating site chaos.

As the Mental State rises the redder the san andreas dating guide blip will appear on the map, at Maximum Mental State the players icon will be solid red. This feature is used to identify other players in the lobby who might shoot on sight or attempt to kill the player, while other players who still have white blips will be least likely to do so.

The Mental State ability will reset back to empty after minutes of doing nothing that would normally increase the stat.

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Players who have a high or max Mental State are worth extra Reputation Points for being killed. A player can also decrease their Mental State by killing players who have a higher Mental State. Free Roam Most players of GTA games will know this mode the best and it needs very little explaination. From stealing vehicles, fighting other players, showing off cars, fighting the police, gang attacks, impromptu races, buying clothing and much, much more.

This mode is not limited by restrictions and unlike GTA IV you cannot host specific Free Roam lobbies and control things such as pedistrain density, cops, vehicles that spawn, or weapons. There are NO weapons, armor, or health packs in Free Roam on the map.

All weapons, armor and health restoring items must be purchased by the player. A PC standard Free Roam lobby can have anywhere from 1 to 30 random players.

Free Aim in their own lobbies. As you gain more RP, you will level up quickly. RP is gained in numerous ways, from very mundance tasks such as voting on Jobs, rating a Mission, killing enemies, completing Jobs, robbing stores, and much, much more. The idea of Reputation Points san andreas dating guide that your character has arived to San Andreas completey new to the location, so they must build up a 'reputation' for themselves. Which is why you are given more audacious Missions and Jobs as you get higher and allowed to buy better weapons and vehicles.

Check the Rank section of the guide for a list of some unlocks, and the Weapon section for Weapon based unlocks. Money Money, Money, Money.

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In GTA Online Money is the only currency, you either have it or you don't and you will want a lot of it. The more things you want to own or collect, the more Money you will need to spend.

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Money also known as GTA Dollars is earned in a variaty of ways. Killing other players and picking up their dropped cash if anypicking up NPC dropped cash, robbing stores, stealing and selling cars, export missions for Simeon, completing Jobs, collecting another players bounty, pulling of Heists, and much more.

Once you have your paycheck in hand you want to keep it safe.

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It is impossible for you to share cash with your friends or other players. The only way to share any Money earned is after you completed a recent job collecting a bounty, robbing a store, collecting a crate at which point you can share the money earned there in percentages with anyone preferably the people that helped you if any.

Want a new weapon? Maybe a new gun attachment?

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How about a brand new car or plane, or maybe you are the kind of person that prefers a boat on the open sea? How about some new threads or a place to crash after a day of hard work? It's going to all cost you Money. Important things to remember; Your ammo can be replenished by purchasing more rounds at an Ammunation, having no Money would mean the only way to get ammo is from enemies corpses. Owning an Apartment or Garage requires the paying of bills daily, with the price going up per Apartment or Garage owned.

Gta San Andreas -

Checking out the New Player Choices section for advice on how to spend your Money wisely early on. Inventory The Inventory Menu allows the player to share Cash with other players, either from previous jobs or Crate Drops. Equipped stored Body Armor and display a particular piece of Body Armor. Equip Parachutes and change the primary and reserve parachute colors, the parachute bag and what smoke trail the player uses.

Eat snacks or drinks as well as access cigarettes to restore health. And set and activate different types of Fireworks. Crews allow players to access to unique unlocks, character actions, emblems, and also allow other players in the same Crew to partake in activities and missions.