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dating snowboard

It is a French magazine cover from the s showing an above-the-knee amputee practising skiing - a picture that the Romanian snowboarder first saw during his dating snowboard from a similar amputation and which has inspired him to become a Para athlete.

After five years on the World Cup circuit, Papara has enjoyed a breakthrough season. The latter made him the first Romanian Para snowboarder to win a medal at the World Cup. Papara dating snowboard this will bring more attention to Para sport back home so that nobody with a disability needs to spend hours looking for role models as he had done, only to settle on a foreign image dating back to more than half a century.

With his left pant leg hiked up, his prosthetic is clearly visible as he confidently rides towards the finish line.

dating snowboard

The choice to display his prosthetic so dating snowboard is intentional. One is the functionality of it because I need to access quickly the mechanism if I need to change some settings, and the second one is that the visibility of the disability is important.

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Growing up in Romania, the references he got to people with disabilities were mostly negative, which made his above-the-knee amputation appear all the more devastating at first. I had dating snowboard huge shock. It was very difficult for me to accept my new situation, psychologically, socially. After a long search, he finally stumbled on the French magazine cover, which turned his life around and which is saved on his phone to this day.

dating snowboard

Despite never being a competitive athlete, he was drawn to the idea of using sport to overcome his impairment. He favoured skiing before his accident, but with a prosthetic leg snowboarding was the more comfortable option. While his enthusiasm was outstanding, Papara was far from a natural in the sport and even had to fight with race officials to stay on the start lists.

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This dedication and effort eventually came full circle as Papara won his first World Cup medal at the same resort where he was nearly scratched off the list five years ago. I struggled a lot.

Autor: Coolosophy Când te uiți pe pârtie la cei care se dau cu placa de snowboard de parcă asta ar fi făcut toată viața, nu pare greu. Însă abia când te urci pe placă și încerci să îți menții echilibrul printre slalomuri îți dai seama că s-ar putea să fie ceva ce nu faci bine.

I fell a lot. I was looking at the other teams. I was sent here by the national Paralympic committee.

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I need to do this. And I did finish the race. I was not close to the others.

dating snowboard

I was really really far from the others, but seeing the videos from that time and five years later stepping on the podium with a silver medal was a huge accomplishment. Papara hopes this is a sign that perceptions of people with impairments are changing in his country.

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