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De doi Ardeleana dance form The couple dances of west Romania — Bihor, Arad, Banat and the Apuseni mountains — are generally grouped under the title of Ardeleana couple dances.

The dances among Romanians living within adjacent parts of modern Hungary in the villages of Micherechi Méhkerék and Aletea Elek also fall within the Bihor and Arad ethnographic zones.

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Ardeleana couple dance Ardeleana are performed by couples facing their partners, arranged in a column or arc, in a compact formation. More some places the column dating mens hats has been replaced by scattered couples or by dancing in a small circle. The name Ardeleana suggests a Transylvanian origin and are in many respects similar to the simpler forms of the Transylvanian couple dances, but without the turning figure, which could imply an origin pre-dating the Învârtita couple dance.

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Sorocul couple dance type is only danced in the Banat plain region and appears to be a slow syncopated Ardeleana to slightly asymmetric music related to the southern Transylvanian Învârtita.