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Duplex Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys: Part Two Rezumat: Most commonly known for their excellent strength, corrosion resistance and low density, titanium alloys are a key material for important applications in the aerospace and medical industries. The covered experiments in this paper show that the second heat treatment of the alloys is most influential in increasing hardness of the finish material.

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The study of S. Tanaka, T. Morita and K. The first heat treatment transformed a part of prior β phase to acicular α' martensite phase. The second heat treatment precipitated fine α phase in metastable β phase.

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These change in microstructure increased the hardness of prior β phase. The material was supplied as round bars diameter: 14 mm and machined to the three specimen shapes shown in Figure 1. For the short-time solution treatment, the specimens were kept at K for 60 s and quenched. The subject of the investigation of Y-K Chou et al.

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Ti alloy in a sheet form with a thickness of 3. The as-received material was in the solution-annealed condition and had the transamerica dating show temperature of about °C.


The aging treatments were performed at the temperature range from to °C for 8 h in vacuum, followed by argon-assisted cooling to room temperature.

For the one-step aging treatment, the specimen was identified with a designation of the three-digital numbers aging temperature in °C prefixed with a capital letter A. In the case of the specimens subjected to the two-step aging treatment, a capital letter D was added in front the first aging temperature and the second aging temperature was kept at °C for 24 h.

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For example, the designation A represented that the specimen was directly aged at for 8 h; the D specimen represented the specimen which was aged first at °C for 8 h then at °C for 24 h. Mechanical tests such as tensile and notched tensile tests were carried out at room temperature.

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The tensile tests were conducted on a MTS machine at a strain rate of 6. The notched tensile tests were performed at a constant displacement rate of 1.

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After testing, the macro-fracture appearance and fractographic examinations of various specimens were conducted using a Hitachi S scanning electron microscope SEM. For detailed microstructural observations, thin foil specimens were prepared by a standard jet-polisher and then examined with a transmission electron microscope TEM. The as-received material in the solution-annealed condition consisted of equiaxed transamerica dating show grains without any observable precipitates Figure 2.

The low ductility of the D, D and D specimens was responsible for the high notch brittleness or low NTS of the material.

transamerica dating show

References 1. Morita, K.

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