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So um basically earthquaker, earthquaker and also earthquaker Drew van Oosterwijk Thanks for acknowledging passionate typing.

I'm serious. Thank you for the recommendation and exposing me to Matthew Perryman Jones.

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Dean Allen Why leave the guitar all the way up? It's supremely important how O. Sean C. This video was recommended to me by YT. Kind of included.

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Jay Donahue Does a single-knob boost do the same thing as a Blues Breaker style overdrive minus the EQ, or is analogman ts9 dating more to the Blues Breaker style overdrive than simply an EQable boost? Bryan Ramer Well put Josh.

The way you analogman ts9 dating things up would make it truly difficult for even those "Hard To Please" viewers, to say anything negative about you, your work, and your videos.

I just Subscribed! Or when I was a sound engineer! Charles Hill One of all-time fav guitarinsts is Duane Allman.

Far as I know, zero pedals, just LP into tube Marshall. Unfortunately, I can't crank a Marshall.

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So, lower volume, clean-ish amp, which OD pedal? Wampler Băieți spanioli dating, or strong side of a Wampler Hot Wired? Trevor Peters Awesome info.

That Pedal Show – The Vox AC15: Different Drive Pedals, Guitars And A Bit Of Wet-Dry Too

Love your videos. Legato Silhouette Josh, you are a prophet.

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Keep up the good work my man. It should be totally possible with todays technology. Sander Conan I watched this video like 10 times.

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Ended up buying every type of overdrive. Can recommend.

GhettoGinny I think this guy gave me more info about distortion pedals I have ever known but then he doesn't use the pedal to any extreme to see what the differences are between other pedals.

This makes the video useless. They all sound the same to me.

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And they all sound like Range Master Treble Drivers. It just ticks all the boxes for me, and I've never sought after anything else. To each his own I guess. What's up with the color knob that morphs the sound from drive to distortion?

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Beiby Naya maan. No passion here. Josh you are hilarious and informative. So happy to have found you.

How to - Troliu Manual 2 Tone Cleat: 2021

Now I feel obligated to buy a pedal. If i was to only buy one JHS pedal, what would you recommend? I just bought a Tumnus, so no Klon style please brian s The Mike sheidt tone is just a wee bit heavier.

Sorry- Josh be safe and let the dog in Rich Clayton Actually this is one of my fav vids Rich Clayton Really liked this vid That would be cool dreaming a little lol.

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Excellent video thank you! I'm not even sure that it still is this year" Erique Johnson Josh makes like 3 of the best overdrives on the market.

Charles Grandt Great video!! Gus C. Anyone know where the Xotic effects AC boost or the copy of that Mooer flex boost fit into all of this?

Way Huge Conspiracy Theory Overdrive will be my first overdrive, thanks to you. Splendid Thanks for this video! I've been thinking about getting an overdrive and was never sure what to get or what the differences were. The moment you played the Wampler Plexi-drive I said aloud, "that's the one!

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