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Biography Dream Theater have steadily achieved a startlingly hindred spirits dating website synthesis of soaring and unmistakable melody, progressive instrumentation and aggressive heaviness unrivaled within hard rock music. The legacy established throughout their virtuosic career of astounding aesthetic alchemy has made their very moniker synonymous with the power of talent, ability and momentum when brilliantly forged together.

As the world around them unravels, unfurls and transitions toward an uncertain destiny economically, militarily, spiritually and politically, Dream Theater refashioned a way forward from the molten hot iron of their own internal transition to create the career-defining album A Dramatic Turn Of Events. It's an evocative collection of fully-realized soundscapes that stands alongside landmark Dream Theater albums like Images And Words and Metropolis Part.

Over twenty-five years since their formation, Dream Theater continue to cultivate, curate and protect their status as worldwide niche tastemakers on their eleventh studio album, which was produced by the band's own John Petrucci and mixed by hi-fidelity magician Andy Wallace Nirvana, Prince, System Of A Down.

I think we've once again touched on what in the earlier years gave us our originality and our identity.

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We infused definitive styles that were predominant in our music: the progressive end and the metal end, with the melodic element pretty high up on the list of priorities. A Dramatic Turn Of Events strikes the perfect balance between Dream Theater's intimate history with all that is heavy, progressive and melodic with each element fully realized.

Longtime fans of the band intrigued by the speediness of the notes on display from Dream Theater have much to study on the new album, while fans of melodic hooks will find equal pleasure within the songs.

hindred spirits dating website

Perhaps most excitingly, as always, the progressive and the heavy compliment one another without the risk of one overshadowing the other.

Dream Theater knew they wanted the album to be both heavy and hindred spirits dating website musically and vocally and with that determination of vision they obtained that goal.

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  4. This second project had two specific demands.

It's the natural culmination of a rightfully celebrated career that has endeared them to millions of fans. Lead guitarist Petrucci and bassist John Myung have a relationship dating all the way back to middle school.

hindred spirits dating website

Kindred spirits united by their shared devotion to constant study and rehearsal on their respective instruments, they hindred spirits dating website the nucleus of what would become Dream Theater with a fellow student at the Berklee College Of Music named Mike Portnoy.

Thanks to fan embraced releases like the dark Train Of Thought and the much more diverse Octavarium, Dream Theater has sold well over ten million albums worldwide, including over two million in the United States. Dream Theater found themselves at a career crossroads following the departure of longtime drummer, co-producer and unofficial spokesman Portnoy.

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But the addition of Mike Mangini the result of a search and audition process documented in a highly-viewed YouTube series and the remaining members rededication to each other and their band has resulted in a creative resurgence overall. The break modelul de dating and individual talents possessed by Dream Theater behind the scenes were strengthened by adversity, with each rising to the challenge individually and collectively as Dream Theater pushed forward.

Whether it be uprising that's happening now in the middle east or some even in history or some incredible spiritual or personal journey that somebody went on that they had to go through to get somewhere else and become a better person. We thought about who we are - the remaining forces in the band - our personalities and where we were coming from.

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The music remains heavy, of course. When we got progressive and instrumental, we took it an extra step. We've gotten a little crazier than we've done before.

hindred spirits dating website

There are some tunes like "Outcry" which is such an example of us going full tilt and turning on the progressive maximum. We had fun. The instrumental madness really comes through on that. John Petrucci can express a beautiful melody lyric melody line as well as anyone else.

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That to me is a really good technique - It's not always about 64th notes. There's the progressive elements, deeply serious lyrical topics "I often joke with John about how he can't just write straight loves songs," notes Rudessstrong ballads, some wacky fun and no shortage of heaviness. I think that put us on a level that was hard to ignore.

hindred spirits dating website

I think this album solidifies that. We're still the band we've always been. We're keeping it contemporary and taking it to a whole new level. With all the body of work, this album proves we're continuing to better ourselves and continuing to write the material we think is the best material we've ever written. You always hope people enjoy it, you can't predict, but I have a strong feeling that this is going to be something that our fans, and even new fans relate to on a different level.

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Everything has really come together," Petrucci concludes. Everyone has been incredibly accepting, gracious and wonderful. I look out every night and see hands up in the air and smiles.