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These cities and countries have street markets and other vending sites that play a unique and important part of their food culture.

These vending sites offer a diverse range of nourishing fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. However, unhealthy diets are becoming an increasingly urgent risk factor for noncommunicable diseases, and foods possibly high in trans-fatty acids and sodium salt are becoming more prevalent. Strong evidence links trans-fatty acids intake to coronary heart disease, whereas excessive sodium intake can significantly increase blood pressure, which is a major driver of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

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The study aims to describe the vending sites including food markets, kiosks and street vendors selling ready-to-eat food in urban areas and to document the types of food most commonly available.

It also assesses the trans-fatty acids and sodium content of these foods — both homemade and industrially processed — based on laboratory analyses of locally-obtained food samples.

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Aims of the field work Field work is now completed in 3 countries: Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova and Tajikistan. A total of 10 markets were canvassed, with vending sites interviewed. A total of homemade and 40 industrially processed food samples were collected, corresponding to the most commonly available foods previously identified.

The same methodology was pursued in Kyrgyzstan, with homemade and industrially processed food samples collected from the 10 market sites canvassed.

In the Republic of Moldova, the study area focused on the Central Market in Chisinau and a 1 km buffer around it. All eligible vending sites within this buffer were canvassed.

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Small markets or corner shops were also included, as they are particularly common in the country. Initial findings Preliminary results show that in countries from the central Asian region commonly available homemade foods include many different types of bread e.

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Traditional foods typical to the region are also widely available, such a manty in Kyrgyzstan meat or vegetable dumplings and samsi in Tajikistan baked meat pies, cooked in a tandoor. Industrially processed foods are also commonly available, including cookies, cakes and potato chips. Industrially processed foods, including chocolate, sweet baked goods, and crackers, were the most commonly eastern europe dating app foods in Chisinau.

However, preliminary results also indicate that homemade foods such as sweet pastries e. As the results of the laboratory analyses become available, WHO will work with countries to interpret the findings and develop an appropriate response.

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