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Ongoing investigations during the year were targeting former prime minister Victor Ponta and his close associates. The activity of the DNA has brought the fight against corruption to the forefront of public debate, as both politicians and civil society representatives are building arguments in support of or against the rising number of cases and prosecutions.

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Ingiven the election year and the high number of convictions, there was a rising tide of criticism against the DNA, accusing it of being merely a political instrument. However, these have been predominantly sourced in biased i.

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Kövesi was accused of having plagiarized her doctoral thesis; an investigation found that she had only plagiarized lines, but the entire episode offered her detractors new arguments as to her character and legitimacy.

In a murky and controversial case, employees of the Israeli Black Cube surveillance firm admitted their guilt in October,[ 96 ] claiming that they had been employed by former SRI section chief, Daniel Dragomir — who is currently serving a jail sentence dating lima ohio influence peddling and money laundering, but evidence corroborating their statement had yet to be presented at year's end.

In February, it ruled that the DNA's use of evidence obtained with the SRI's assistance was unconstitutional, adding that future wiretaps for investigative purposes will have to be done by police, not intelligence officers. In June, the court clarified the Criminal Code definition of abuse of power while in public office as a type of conduct that is specifically "violating primary law only laws passed by the parliament and ordinances or emergency ordinances passed by the government " as opposed to the more ambiguous "faulty fulfilling of professional obligations.

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Abuse while in public office is one of the charges the DNA uses most often, especially vis-à-vis local public officials, arguably because its ambiguity in the Criminal Code offered leeway in fulfilling its prosecutorial function,[ ] but it is also one of the main reasons used by anticorruption detractors in attacking the DNA's work.

After a lengthy trial, in October,[ ] central and local public administration leaders, as well as a leading private sector manager were sentenced to jail in the Microsoft 1 case. Despite the fact that the offenders occupied high public offices and the financial damage was extensive, they received reduced sentences as a result of city girl dating country boy cooperation and admittance to guilt. Several politicians and businessmen jailed for corruption had benefited from this provision.

Various attempts to intimidate whistleblowers included the management of two Bucharest hospitals and the Bruckenthal museum in Sibiu.

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His sentence was tied to the notion of electoral fraud in public discourse, but Dragnea was convicted on the basis of Art. Ghiță was supposed to testify in an investigation against Victor Ponta, relating to the electoral campaign and former British prime minister Tony Blair's subsequent visit to Romania.

Ghiță's disappearance prompted a major scandal as to the efficiency of the Romanian police to keep track of those under criminal investigation, leading some observers to cry foul play.

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Ironically, the night before his disappearance, Ghiță had been spotted at an informal meeting with the former caut gagic of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Monitoring the Intelligence Services and, despite being under police surveillance, he had managed to escape detection. He accused them of collaborating to blackmail PSD leaders Victor Ponta, Liviu Dragnea and himself, and claimed that the DNA together with the SRI had taken over the state and undermined the rule of law by terrorizing other state institutions and politicians alike.

His whereabouts remained unknown at year's end. He covers issues related to foreign policy, transatlantic international relations, diplomacy, and democratic governance.

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Her research interests include monitoring corruption cases and good governance in European Union funds management, the energy sector and favoritism in public procurement. Her areas of expertise include clientelism, institutional capacity and political economy. Notes: 1 Libertatea, "Legea lui Dragnea a fost adoptată de Parlament.

De ce parlamentarii sunt mai presus decât aleşii locali?

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Why Parliamentarians are Above Local Officials? Ce legi propune guvernul, ce legi nu vor senatorii" [Political first: the Senate does not wish to allow government to issue emergency ordinances during summer break], cursdeguvernare. Printre ele, timbrul de mediu si taxa radio-TV" [Over taxes, cut with Parliament's unanimous approval.

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Among them, the environment and Radio-TV taxes], Ziare. On the tax cuts, the CCR President argued that no constitutional violation was found, but also that the CCR itself cannot settle on the merits of the law, i. Furthermore, because this law passed through an emergency parliamentary procedure, disregarding temporal restrictions was considered to be acceptable. Din 3 au ramas 2. Care sunt modificarile pe care Guvernul vrea sa le faca pentru votul din Diaspora" [CR debate.

Surprize in profilul alegatorului. Surprises in the voter's profile. By whom was the PSD voted by], Digi Ce au în comun organizațiile city girl dating country boy protecția romilor cu think-thankurile pentru o guvernare transparentă" [The list of NGOs who demand the Constitutional Court to reject the pro-Family Coalition's initiative".

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