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Nosovsky nu se mai poate accesa pe internet nici macar pe web archivede aceea cred ca este cel mai bine sa-l postez aici, sub forma de documentatie, unul dintre cele mai interesante lucrari publicate din domeniul datarii si cronologiei istorice.

Easter, also known as Pascha, the Feast of the Resurrection, the Sunday of the Resurrection, or Resurrection Day, is the most important religious feast of the Christianity, observed between late March and late April by the Western and early April to early May in Eastern Christianity.

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The Christian church has deemed this Easter Book in the Westalso known as Paschalia in the Eastto be of the greatest importance ever since. Some related questions may arise: when and where was Jesus Christ born, when was He crucified?

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Secular chronology of the ancient times was represented in his works as derivative, based on synchronisms with ecclesial events. We shall give here a detailed account of why one of these ground laying dates, that is the date of the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea is definitely wrong.

alphabet dating x

The principal method of the research we are relating here is that of computational astronomy. However, the understanding of the issue does not alphabet dating x a profound knowledge of astronomy or other special scientific issues. The founder of chronology Joseph Justus Pittsfield dating considered himself a great mathematician.

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Calendarian issues are a part of chronology. The chronology belonged to the paradigm of mathematics and astronomy.

alphabet dating x

Since then, the perception of chronology has changed, and in the XVIII century already, chronology was considered humanity. As its essence cannot be changed, it remains a subdivision of applied mathematics to this day.

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The historians are supposed to concern themselves with chronology. However, without a sufficient mathematical education — and in the case of chronological studies, sufficient means fundamental — the historians are forced to evade the solution and even the discussion of the rather complex chronological issues. It is thus assumed that together with the proclamation of the united Orthodox-Catholic confession that got split up later, the Nicaean council had also determined the way Easter should be celebrated, or, in other words, developed the Paschalia Easter Book.

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Thus, the calculation of the new year Easter table really comes down to a simple shift of the previous one by years. This order is still valid: the last Great Indiction began in and is the shifted version of the previous Great Indiction of the yearswhich, in its turn, is derived from the Great Indiction of the yearsetc. So, when we move the modern Easter table by an applicable factor divisible bywe should get exactly the same table as was introduced by the Nicaean council.

Alphabet dating x, the primary form of the Paschalia Easter Book can be easily reconstructed, and we will show the reader how earliest possible date of compilation of Paschalia Easter Book can be deduced from it.

alphabet dating x

The static part of the church calendar is the regular civil calendar also known as the Julian calendar, since its compilation is often linked to the name of Julius Caesar. The Julian year consists of 12 months, and every fourth year an additional day is added — the 29th of February.

Such years are called leap years. It is possible that some of the readers remain unaware of how closely the Julian calendar is related to the Christian divine service.

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The so-called static holidays of the Christian church are all distributed along the Julian calendar dates. We call them static since they fall on the same day of the same month of the Julian calendar every year. The mobile part of the church calendar determines the dates for the Alphabet dating x Sunday and several other church feasts counted from Easter, such as, The Ascension of the Lord, The Holy Trinity, and the beginning of St.

The ecclesial week count also belongs to the mobile part of the church calendar.

alphabet dating x

The count begins with the Easter Sunday; the week number is important since it determines the daily service order. Easter Sunday and the holidays that have their dates dependent on it are called mobile since their position in the Julian calendar varies from year to year.


The Paschalia Rule that determines the date for the annual advent of Easter is a rather complex one and relates very closely to a number of astronomical concepts that we shall cover below.

We shall be referring to the combination of the static and the mobile part as The Paschalia Easter Book, or simply, The Paschalia, bearing in mind that apart from the rule that determines the correct date for Easter, it also contains the regular Julian calendar that serves as the framework that this rule is valid for. Such units as described in the Paschalia serve the internal framework of the Julian calendar as well as its correlation with various astronomical phenomena.

alphabet dating x

One of the tables of the Paschalia allows us to determine the Easter celebration day for any given year. The table data can be accessed via the so-called boundary key of the year in question, one that has to be determined in advance from other tables of the Paschalia [].

An important factor is that the Paschalia is based on the assumption that the calendar indices used for calculating the Easter date recur in precisely the same manner every years.

This cycle of years is called The Great Indiction in the Julian calendar, and it devises the recurrence of Easter, as well as the indiction, the Circle for Sun, and the Circle for Moon values, mentioned below.

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The complete Easter tables include a vast array of assorted calendarian information for the entire Great Indiction of years []. The last Great Indiction started in and still continues. The previous one commenced in AD; the previous one — in AD, etc. Easter calculations require the knowledge of the alphabet dating x in either March or April of the year in question that the full moon falls upon.

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The reason is that the phases of the moon recur every 19 years in the Julian calendar, and the recurrence cycle remains unaltered for centuries on end — that is, if the full moon fell on the 25th March any given year, it shall occur on the 25th of March in 19 years, in 38 19 x 2 years, etc.

The malfunctions in the cycle shall begin after years, which is to say that if site- ul dating nulled cover years in year cycles, the full moon shall gradually begin to migrate to its neighbouring location in the calendar.

The same applies to new moons and all the other phases of the moon.

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